• Kayo Hinazuki: Kenya's close friend and classmate of Satoru in 1988.

  • Hamada: Satoru races Hamada during his sports lesson in ice skating. Not remembering the original outcome, Satoru attempts to beat Hamada, but while racing decides it would be wiser to let his opponent win, taking his daily training into account. Hamada doesn't appreciate the gesture regardless and yells at Satoru, telling him he hates people like him the most.[1]

  • Misato: A classmate of Satoru. When accusing Kayo to have stolen her classes' lunch money, Satoru responds to her by yelling and defending his friend, causing her to cry.[2] Since Misato from then on assumes everyone thinks of her as a thief, she from then on rejects any attempt to be talked and apologized to. When Satoru finds out that she turn into a potential kidnapping victim, after having lost all her friends, he tries to befriend her but without success. Feeling like something will happen to her he follows her to the school's ice hockey game, avoiding her abduction but paying with his own future.[3] In 2003 Kenya informs Satoru that Misato plans to visit him in the hospital after awaking from his coma. He assumes she still hates him and is surprised to hear that she was the person who initiated fundraising to cover his medical expenses. When she finally joins the friends in a bar Satoru is happy to see her.[4]